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Tasos Mylonas


I am passionate about sharing true, meaningful experiences with people from all over the world. Traveling is all about living like a local, acting like a local, seeing things through the eyes of the locals.

Eleni Fotiou


It is undoubtedly the love for our land, the Mediterranean, that made me want to share what I have seen and felt that matters in traveling; a better understanding of the world, of ourselves, exploration, in other words, the art of a meaningful life. Life is a journey anyway, in which “you hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.

Chris Leontopoulos


My passion for exploring Greece, for learning new things, for meeting new people, combined with my high standards for quality services, has led me to become a Greece travel specialist. Whether it is for a romantic honeymoon, for some fun in the sun, and especially for those who want to dig beneath the surface and uncover the many layers of this timeless and beautiful country.

Irene Lappa


Road trips were the way my parents introduced the world to me. That is how I came up studying wine and designing travels. Specialties: agritourism, cultural travels, ecotourism, wine and food tourism.

Stephania Abatis


I am from Athens, Greece, however I consider myself to have been nurtured by many places and cultures as I have lived in a few different cities around the world including Rome, Florence, London, and New York! I am a friendly, easy-going person who loves exchanging stories and experiences with people from all over. In addition to designing trips, I also lead tours around Europe giving me first-hand experience on the destinations.

Alec Bean


Having travelled extensively over a number of countries, there is no better feeling than experiencing a new culture, cuisine & environment which will provide memories that last a lifetime. The best thing about being a travel specialist is that I help others experience this for themselves as I truly believe that adventure and travel are the best ways to learn.

Ina Gaydarova


Having been to 90 countries myself, travelling has taught me how to become an ethical visitor with an environmental consciousness. I would love to share my insights with those seeking to experience the beauty of Greece and Italy with respect and consideration to nature and all its inhabitants.

Nikos Poulopoulos


Passionate about traveling since young age, I have visited dozens of countries and been hosted by locals several times. Always searching for authentic experiences, I love discovering secret gems and trying to understand the culture of every place by meeting and interacting with locals. Every travel really makes me wiser and I feel grateful for that.