Our Values 


Honesty is instilled into the fabric of this organization. What you see is what you get. Always treating our customers equally and with the highest quality at heart, we set out to provide clean-cut, simple and authentic end-to-end services. Our rule of thumb is, if you can't understand, compare and communicate it then it's not the right one. 


Travel12 comes with a guarantee for ethical and professional treatment towards our affiliates. We aim at creating long-term, win-win and smooth cooperation and collaboration. 


Customer-driven and value-adding; that's our team spirit. We believe this team to be the solid yet fertile ground to enable constant progress and evolution. As for both our customers and affiliates, we try to make our operational processes as time-saving as possible, leaving time for the things that matter most. 


Sustainability for us is about minimizing the environmental footprint while respecting and benefiting the communities we operate in. This is key to us. Hence, we aim at a sustainable number of visitors per site, adequately distributed throughout seasons. We aspire to enhance an ethical, non-intrusive way of traveling with respect for the days to come, while benefiting all stakeholders. 

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