Living up to its ancient reputation, Athens seems bemused at times. Marbled monuments crown the city. The omnipresent Parthenon has been overlooking us for ages, resting in perfect symmetry.

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What we love about this city is its contradictions. The quirky and the sleek; The old and the new; The modern and the ancient; and the fact that they all meet here. From the stylish north, to the hip downtown and the laid-back south, Athens is a fascinating urban village. 

A pulsative energy co-exists with relaxed life that sometimes feels it hasn't changed for decades. Athens is unconventional and we relish everything about it!.

Many many fingers point to its mind-boggling architectural beauty every day. And there is an ever-growing list of spectacular archaeological monuments and museums awaiting for a visit. 

Right in the center of the city?

In an elegant neighborhood?

In a contemporary design hotel?

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€ 375 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

The perfect fit for first-timers but equally alluring for those who have already seen a bit of Athens. It's the perfect mix 'n match of old and new, the right doze of antiquity, a touch of contemporary culture, a stylish spalsh of urbanity and entertainment with just a hint of overwhelm. Welcome to Athens!

€ 243 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

The ancient Greeks were firm believers of healthy mind and soul coming with a healthy body. So why not choose Athens for some much-deserved R&R, some genuine farm-to-table clean eating and the peace of mind you long for? 

€ 146 per adult - ideal for long weekend

City lovers may I have your attention please? Meet Athens, a city that has been here since time immemorial and came to be the "it" city break for those in-the-know. There are so many different things to do in Athens you'll be amazed of how fun a city travel can be.Don't you wanna be one οf those who discovered this first? Visit Athens! Comes with extra bragging points!

€ 305 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Gastro-traveling in Athens at its finest! From outskirt wineries to the fine-dining side of the city! You will start counting your blessings, not your calories! 

€ 215 per adult - ideal for long weekend

If you think that the Acropolis and the Parthenon are what make Athens THE place for history buffs, you need to rethink! Coupling those magnificent sites with the "history coming to life" side of the city is what makes it so unique you'll become a regular.

€ 207 per adult - ideal for long weekend

You want to see a city with passion and vigor, where travelers in-the-know flock, filled with good wine, great coffee, and world-class food? Bon voyage, you belong in Athens!

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