spring and summertime. Peonies and hydrangeas bloom literally everywhere. Grey and pastel hues bled together in this quaint and charming scenery.

In Zagorochoria the blissful provincial life is in full display. If you see horses strolling the cobblestone streets -you know, casually - don’t act surprised. It’s the exact life most city dwellers long for when traveling, the unrefined one.  Rays of light will hit you in the morning and we bet your night sleep will be totally different.  Deep and un-bothered. Blame it on the altitude. For lullaby, there’s the hollow singing of night owls, while the alpine air is so fresh and rejuvenating, you get to sleep like a baby. Nothing beats pulling the curtains to face the mountainous striking vistas and the finely sliced stones that top one another to form this gray-ish maze of rooftopsNoon here is made for sipping Greek coffee under massive sycamore trees making Zagori perfect for digital detoxers. Then, walk around the narrow, stone paved alleys that seem to be there since forever. 

While the setting has been longed appraised for being so scenic, the interiors also make an exquisite deco case

with their stone accent walls and wood-beamed ceilings. 


As per foodies, bookmark this for par excellence gastronomy and wine. Trouts and other lake fishes are a delicacy in Zagori. There should be an ode to the pies of Zagori. Vegetarians can also rest assured that they can savor on mushrooms cooked in countless different ways. Don’t pass on the chance to try them as dessert; soft and tender as well as sweet and toothsome. It suffices as the ideal treat to bring back for your beloved ones. And then there's the all pervasive aroma of Greek truffles; fresh and locally sourced, able to top any dish and turn it into a masterpiece. The distinct climate of the area makes an excellent wine producing case. Some indigenous grape varieties have been cultivated in the region, especially close to Zitsa village, for ages. Namely Vlahiko, Bekari and the delicate Debina are a few notable ones that ought to be crossed off any self-respected wine aficionado’s list.

And don't forget that Zagori is mostly famed for its natural heritage. Nature lovers head to the Vikos gorge, the deepest one in the world. Admire the stone bridges crossing over luscious rivers like Aoos, Arachthos and Voidomatis just before you get your paddles ready for some top-tier rafting and kayaking. Off the grid enthusiasts, adventure-seekers and the outdoorsy sort will fall for the gorgeous landscape and the adrenaline fix. Hiking and trekking is a must, regardless of your fitness levels. There are so many routes and such beauty to be crossed like the region's churches for example, you'll feel blessed you packed those trainers. 

It is indeed, #mountainparadise. 

Not far from the lakefront city of Ioannina, scattered up in the mountains of Pindos and tucked among lush rivers and outstanding gorges, one can find Zagori. A sum of more or less 45 - pretty as a box - villages that all together are usually called Zagorochoria meaning the villages of Zagori region. 

Once setting foot in the region, one realizes that Zagori is big on stone. There is a certain something about the elegance of Zagorian architecture that it's almost enchanting. Charming old villages will surround you with their earthy colors while the fresh mountain air will go straight to your lungs and give them a kick of life. You cannot but stop and stare such postcard-perfect architectural uniformity. Many of the villages have made it to the List of Traditional Settlements of Greece, meaning that they are unharmed by modern ages remaining exactly as the used to be.

Pinned as a winter destination, we are here to tell you that Zagori is the perfect mountain hideout during 


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