Come where the altitude is high, the air is fresh and invigorating, the nature untamed resting in its glory and the surrounding villages as gorgeous as you can imagine.

Zagori hides secrets, from deep gorges and flowing rivers to the sweet and hollow birdsong and finger-licking good gastronomy. Come find out for yourself!

€ 227 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

Quaint little villages scattered up in the mountains, alpine beauty and indigenous gastronomy all supplemented with sweeping greenery, lush natural beauty and unrefined hospitality. Welcome to #mountainparadise.

€ 170 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Endlessly fascinating this one, isn't it? Boasting rivers, mountains and the deepest gorge in the world, everybody ought to get a bit adventurous when in Zagori. Or a lot! 

€ 125 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Lay on the romance in this sublime surroundings. The mountainous scenery is almost magical and the setting is perfect for some cocooning and pampering. Don't forget to take the "follow me to Zagori" snapshot of your special someone! 

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Not far from the lakefront city of Ioannina, scattered up in the mountains of Pindos and tucked among lush rivers and outstanding gorges, one can find Zagori. A sum of more or less 45 - pretty as a box - villages that all together are usually called Zagorochoria meaning the villages of Zagori region. 

Once setting foot in the region, one realizes that Zagori is big on stone. There is a certain something about the elegance of Zagorian architecture that it's almost enchanting. 

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