Hoping to flee the nippy weather? Come wintertime in Greece, weather can be cold but not-too-cold, sometimes blissfully warm but hardly never foul. Life in the country moves at a leisurely pace making it perfect for escaping the winter blues. 

Athens and Thessaloniki are just as enticing during winter as they are in spring or summer and risks of roasting under the Greek sky are non-existent. Walk your way around the cities, and you'll find seasonal revelry and glittering ornaments everywhere and hear Greek carol singing while the smell of roasting chestnuts fills the air. Be on the lookout for the traditional Christmas ship instead of the tree. Greeks pay attribute to their heritage as sailors this way. For those with a sweet-tooth Greek seasonal sweets are unmissable. They are arguably the reason we long for Christmas around here. Nutty, honey-dipped melomakarona and diples or caster sugar-powdered kourabiedes, all work like a Christmas charm for the munchies - calories don't count during holidays. The occasional shopping craze caused by sparkling storefronts will hit you downtown, but what's Christmas without a little shopping anyway.



Tired, cold or just hungry? There are many inviting reasons to stay indoors and they come in the form of warm cafes, buzzy bars, local tavernas and many forward-thinking restaurants adding a twist to the classics. Both bar and gastronomy scenes are flourishing and new places literally pop every week. Hype detector mode: on. 

In the case of post-holidays blues or if your New Year's Resolution has just kicked in, January is perfect for all that New-Year-New-Me thinking. Now if the urban chaos doesn't appeal to you the alpine beauty of Zagori will entice you with its enchanting nature, towering rocks, Voidomatis river and traditional stone-build surroundings. You can also lay on the romance, hop on a plane in February and treat your sweetheart and yourself to hand-holding strolls, candle-lit dinners and clinging wineglasses or some alpine beauty enough to get you through the rest of the winter. 



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