Fascinated by postcard perfect scenery, eye wondering strolls, shady nooks to gather for sundowners and eateries with serious foodie credentials? Slip into the idleness of Greek life while soaking up the vitamin D.

And don't forget to take the iconic Greece photos

Add your personal touch 

Either you want thrills or to go into the wild, mellow days or packed schedules, we are here to ensure an authentic experience tailored by you for you.

We see traveling through your eyes. Exactly as it should be. So, leave the taking care up to us and just pick what you want to do and who you wanna be!

Greece was not pinned down as the cradle of civilization for nothing. It's packed with ancient monuments, surviving temples and astonishing monasteries.  Whether an intrepid Grecophile or someone who is just looking to gain some knowledge, these monuments are definitely awe inspiring - toughest part being the where do I begin. And who said learning is only limited to ancient history? So, grab your notebooks and let's go places

Longing for an action-fueled adventure? With a super-abundance of mountains, valleys, plains, woodlands, lakes and rivers get ready to gauge your fitness levels.

Who's ready to unleash the explorer within?

This is not another how to indulge during vacation but still wear a bikini section. It is about the true essence behind the idea of traveling, treating yourself to a new experience

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