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Tasos Mylonas 

Founder & Director 

With a genuine passion for traveling, Tasos knows the more you see the more there is yet to discover. Putting himself in other people's shoes, he approaches traveling as an experience, not as a visit, seeing the whole picture rather than just the unconnected slices from mass "checklists". As a true Athenian he still considers the city a field of exploration. Having lived in the U.K and France as a student, he knew from an early age he would waste no opportunity for a new trip, from a short drive or a boat ride to a transatlantic flight. Showing guests a good time is what truly lies in his heart. 

Maria believes her blood type is wanderlust. Curiouser and curiouser, she is constantly drawn by new places but mostly by new people. She aspires to turn the travel12 traveler into the most in-the-know type with many many stories to unpack back home. Born and raised in Athens, she has spent years studying, working, airplane and Euro-star hopping  in London. She doesn't collect passport stamps but phone numbers of locals, secret recipes and addresses in her little black book of where to eat, what to drink and where to shop. 

As a frequent road-tripper himself, Vasilis unfolded many maps and drove loads of miles back in the day when he used to live and study in the U.S. Always thirsty for new experiences he loves mingling with locals, adapting to their lifestyle and spotting the best local treats to bring back home. He is the one to ask about hidden beaches with the best panoramic views and cliffs for the thrill of the dive. Via travel12 he seeks to enable travelers to enjoy the most authentic experience in the most no-fuss way possible. 

Vasilis Krassas 

Product Development 

Angeliki won’t let a chance for a new trip pass her by. Originating from Naxos and Crete she is a true islander at heart. Born and raised in the sea breeze of Piraeus, she loves the history and every single corner of this extraordinary part of Attica. Travel12 is her way to offer different angles, letting the traveler experience a destination to the fullest. For her, traveling is the only way to get richer, broaden your mind and never stop learning. It is her source of energy, her battery charger. Angeliki is the one that manages to pronounce all the everyday expressions she can learn in a destination, just to communicate with locals in their language.

Angeliki Katsifaraki

Customer Experience 

Maria Repouskou 

Marketing & Communication

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Activity providers


- Alternative Athens

- Athens Insiders
- Athens by bike
- Selected wine bars (upon request)
- Certified guides (upon request)


Nafplio, Argolis & Nemea

- Grecopaths
- Safran Routes
- Domaine Skouras
- Karonis wine & liquor shop
- Certified guides (upon request)


- Vamos traditional village
- Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete
- Manousakis Winery
- Outdoor activity guides (upon request)
- Certified guides (upon request)

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