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Curating our destination selection is far from random. Each and every one destination is singled out for a reason. Or many. Oh so many!

As for us, we go both on and off the beaten track. We put ourselves in the shoes of action junkies and amateur farmers, gypsetters and those seeking to get their tan on or their retail therapy in, even toddlers!

Fans of antiquity, winter travelers, vacationists in linens and straw hats, you craving a walking holiday or just your fill of nature -you name it, we have it. 

There is a certain combo in Athens that has been lulling tourists for ages, that of being both a laid-back and a burgeoning metropolis. It's hipper than you think but still holds tight to its rich heritage. And even if you are looking for an unhurried good time wandering bustling blocks or you are a culture-loving traveler this city has you more than covered. 

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With Minoan, Venetian, Ottoman and Greek heritage all bound together, Chania make the perfect blend of splendor and small-town charm. Loose yourself to the ebb and flow of this city, the twisty alleyways, the fountains and gaze over its grandeur from the Venetian Harbor. Come daylight, you active souls head for Samaria gorge. Come nightfall, its time for a tsikoudia-fueled Cretan feast 

Just a breath away from Athens lies Nafplion with its colorful two storey-houses and the hand-shaped old door knockers. 

Tucked between fertile wine terrains and lands steeped in ancient history, it feels like there is a reason why Greeks picked Nafplio to be their first capital. It's totally timeless

Imagine a charming uphill village, made out of stone, topped with magnificent rooftops. Think exquisite one-of-a- kind architecture surrounded by blooming flowers, rivers criss-crossing imposing mountains and deep forests all united by age old bridges. 

Now multiply that by 46. It equals Zagori and that's some math you would really love doing.   

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There's nothing like the sheer cosmopolitanism of Corfu anywhere else in the Ionians.  A true "Contessa"with Fortresses and Palaces, a charming UNESCO approved terracotta-colored Old Town and utter Venetian elegance diffused in every corner 

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