In Greece, we do shoulder season somewhat differently. Temperatures are still high and fall foliage is at its most lush, especially around October. Just before the final warm days of the year end one more adventure is in order


Greece makes an ideal winter gateway for those looking for mild weather, city buzz or a slice of nature. You won’t have to elbow your way through the Acropolis museum or dress in thousands of layers. Except if your cup of tea is schussing the slopes.

 New Year's resolution anyone?


The weather is mild, cherry blossoms are on display, the peak summer crowds haven't rolled in yet, both thrill-seekers and epicureans are much better without the sweltering heat, and it's ok to pack your beachwear. Need I say more? 


Ahh the sun-worshipers! No worries, you are not to blame. Blame it on the crystal-clear waters, the tan, the gold-tinted sand, the beaded sandals and caftans, the boho fishing villages, the starlit dinners and the beauty of doing all things alfresco.

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