Experience the destination, don't just see it!

Who said that you have to pick just one? Let go of the label, mix and match, be creative, adjust levels to preferences and create the ultimate customized and authentic trip.

There is a world of possibilities out there. 

From vibrant urban landscapes covered in graffiti art to the iconic Cycladic aesthetics and the stone-build houses up in the mountains, you get to pick your eye candy.


And they come with the added bonus of lazy stray cats, weary donkeys and scent of dried herb 

In Greece we take pride of our ever-changing landscape. Famous as a bucket and spade destination, we are here to tell you that the natural beauty does not limit itself to pools of saltwater. Greece boasts soaring rocky mountains, lush greenery and misty forests - all filled with birdsong 

A country packed with ancient monuments, 

fascinating history and world famous ruins.


Wanna know how does turning back time thousands of years feels? 

Forget all about tacky souvenir shops. Arts & crafts here date back in the days of old and were taught from father to son for generations. Pottery, komboloi and caique boat making or knife engraving and knitting, all are fascinating. Some face extinction. Preservation could be up to you. And did we also mention handmade sandals and jewelry? 

In the mood for something away from the well-worn paths? Let's go to panygiria and dance our troubles away!


What do you mean you don't know what panygiria is?

In a land filled with vineyards, olive groves and orchards indulging can be easy as a pie.

Wait, we have those too!


And they come richly filled with seasonal produce and bursting with flavor 

Up for a special event? One that will manage to turn into a lifetime experience? 


We hear you! We hand-pick selected events that showcase the beauty and the heritage of Greece, and tie them up in a manner that will leave you with the best of memories.

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