We bet all our money you have heard about the health benefits on top of the flavor burst and memorable taste of the Mediterranean diet. We get it, it's no news. But identifying the where-and-when, the right place at the right time while already having taken care of your visit, is. So there you are, you've been served. 


Thanks to rich fertile soils and a warm sunny climate, Greek cuisine and wine produce is mouth watering and endlessly fascinating. The country is carpeted with silver-green olive trees and vineyards, scattered with local tavernas and boasting producers that follow the same age old recipesNot to brag but lists of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications go on and on. 

It all begins with local delicacies that vary from region to region and from season to season. All enjoyed with the bonus of meeting local people in convivial settings and hearing snippets of everyday conversations. 

Fruit and vegetable markets erupt ad hoc and producers hawk over who has the most fresh and toothsome. 

Now imagine dressing those fresh vegetables with fragrant, extra virgin olive oil. Not the one you can buy in bulk from supermarkets around the globe, but the real, flavorsome, so called liquid gold. 

As per wine, both connoisseurs and amateur drinkers can have their way around Greek wines. From crispy whites to rich reds, from fruitless volcanic islands like Santorini to the fertile lands of Nemea the varieties and terroirs are outstanding. Fresh or ripe, balanced or complex, you name it-we have it. 


So, are you an Assyrtiko or a Xinomavro type? Or none?

If you are looking for something a bit stronger than wine, then tsipouro is the thing for you. Especially around autumn when fresh tsipouro is made, a glass is a must.

Or is it ouzo? Lesvos island well-known for this aniseed scented drink is  a great destination for the devotees of debonair drinking. 

Now if your beverage of choice is beer, in Greek breweries and local micro-breweries you can find lagers, pilsners, ales or smoked and weiss ones, all surprisingly refreshing. 

Rest assured you are familiar with Feta cheese, we tell you no Greek salad is complete without those milky white cubes of feta. Still, cheese lovers ought to know that the selection of cheeses Greece carries is also remarkable. They are partly the reason why our pies are so insanely delicious. All of them fuse the different regions distinctive characteristics, yet vary in taste and texture. Creamy, tangy, nutty or buttery, there's is definitely one for you-or a place for you! It could be Lemnos with its Kalathaki, Crete with its Xinomizithra and Gruyere, Naxos with its Arseniko or maybe the San Mihali from Syros island. This could also be a very long list. 

Best part saved for the end, nothing beats getting to know the person behind the product - any product.

They all come with a story, a process, loads of know-how and a few secrets awaiting to be revealed to you. 

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