Let's take a test. Do you take your holiday light, bright and packed with sunshine? Do you want to come home feeling rested and tanned? Do you like balmy summer weather coupled with translucent waters and sublime cotton-colored sand? If all your answers ranked between Yes and OBV then you're gonna need some sunblock. 

For eternal beach bums who long for parked on a sunbed lazy days and castaway wannabes. For silhouetted ones with boho beachwear and those who can't stop forking gemista or those with a family affair, Greece ticks all the boxes of a sun-baked tale.  A multi-faceted country with countless islands sandwiched between the bluest sky and sea, mainland with stunning vista, first-class swimming spots and an easy going charm. 

Seaside regulars get ready for sun loungers or natural shades powered by tamarisks. Beaches come in the widest range possible for such a miniature country. Cove-like, tree-fringed, pebbly, volcanic. Some have lagoons and grottoes, others are sheltered by cliffs or bedded with soft, warm sand. There are islands bursting with life, trendy places for some chichi lifestyle and others where the human imprint gets a little thinner. Or a lot, with just a handful of locals and the pure luxury of tranquility. All islands aside, mainland and mountainous Greece is a hidden summer gem. 

Let's talk transportation. Moving around is much funner when you donkey trot, or let a horse-drawn carriage take you for a ride. Pro tip: Coachmen always know the island's best stories.


Panygiria happen habitually, especially around August and whether you have the moves or not you just simply have to raise your shoulders in a "who cares" manner and dance. Artisan creations await to be discovered. Pottery making or knife engraving in Crete; nothing beats soaking up the local culture. Saints litanies are the perfect blend of devoutness and lore. Locals flock to churches for pilgrimage, icons are being lightly kissed in respect and bands march towns.


There is definitely a marbled monument or a historical site wherever you are -because let's face it you are in Greece- and it's worthy of paying a visit. Hike, trek, bike, horse-ride, kayak, watch birds do their thing, anything your own endurance can handle. Just, please, stop and look around. Both nature and hamlets could be soporific. 

Summer food is fresh and unrefined with an obvious seafood slant. Better eaten under a sliver of moon. Best eaten after having cooked it yourself - well, with a little help from those in the know. 


And what's that sound? 

Cicadas! Cicadas everywhere!

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