Special Events 

There is no better way to celebrate the local culture than by visiting a destination on the occasion of a special event.

Some like it hot but some like it themed and occasional! It's what makes your adventure even more special! 

That said, we have decided to carefully curate a list of worthy of paying a visit annual events. We don't pre-package events for sale. Instead we opt for personalizing complete experiences that are specifically centered around these well-attended events. 

Featured upcoming event: 

The Authentic Athens Marathon

12 November 2017

Athens, Greece

There is the Authentic Athens Marathon and there is the Authentic Athens Marathon with travel12. Given that registration for the event, accommodation and transfers sound too basic and sort of a given, we have gone one step ahead and formulated a complete experience circled around this spectacular annual event. Our approach is once again holistic with a hint of out of the box thinking! That said, we have approached the event with an eye of tuning it into a memorable personalized experience.

Hence, those athletic ones that come with a strong will, eager to enhance their discipline as a genuine Marathon runner will be able to push themselves a bit further with a coaching strategy session specially designed for the Marathon race. A detailed plan for every single kilometer from start to finish will be delivered by a multi Marathon-race winner and holder of the Pan-hellenic record for the Authentic Marathon course.


Working out and right-fit nutrition go hand in hand. Thus, we offer a nutrition session focusing on the dietary habits of ancient Greek Olympic Athletes, delivered by a specialized athletic nutritionist who focuses on Marathon runners.

Marathon running is not all about calorie burning and breaking records. It is what ancient Greeks would call an idea, a way of paying homage to past glory with nobility, highlighting what the human will can achieve.

Making the most out of this spectacular event, we have included special tours stemming right out of the fascinating history cloaking the Marathon. Why not dig a little deeper and get a better understanding of the event along with the country's heritage? 


We have included expert-led tours designed for that cause exactly. Beyond the infamous Acropolis hill and the Parthenon, we have included a handful of lesser-known sites. You could visit the Archaeological site and modern industrial city of Eleusis, one of the holy cities in ancient Greece where the Eleusinian Mysteries attracted pilgrims from all over the known world. Interesting fact: the city of Eleusis will be the European Cultural Capital in 2021. At the southernmost tip of Attica, where the horizon meets the Aegean Sea, visit the Temple of Poseidon, the Greek god of the Sea. 

Visiting Athens for the Authentic Athens Marathon still means visiting Greece. Don't miss the chance of seeing the city or other destinations within the country. Depending on your preferences we could tailor a short trip to the islands or how about a photographic tour of Athens, that will allow you to see all its highlights and capture its beauty, both modern and ancient? Go ahead and request your own Authentic Athens Marathon itinerary and we will tailor it exactly to your preferences. ​​​

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