6 reasons to plan your spring break in Santorini

January 26, 2018


You know, apart from "it looks like this"



Come springtime, the Greek sky is at its finest. Period. Nothing is more rejuvenating than the first warm rays of spring light and the first time in a long time you actually need shades for more than styling purposes. The temperature is blissfully comfortable, people-watching is in full swing and the weather is perfect for strolling around. Lolita's for gelato anyone? 




Don't rush into saying stuff like "I'm not very religious". There's another side to it and it's amazing! Eastertime in Greece means full display of local traditions and customs plus finger licking good seasonal food. Santorini follows its own rules with fascinating customs like the one of lighting thousands lanterns while following the Epitaph, making the island feel illuminated. Oh and the churches look like this!




Spring colors and flowers 


Santorini looks like a Pantone color guide. That's year-round. Now imagine this colorful maze, carpeted by wild flowers randomly blossoming. Now, throw in some butterflies and you got yourself some Greek spring!


Off-peak season perks 


Those who choose to forgo summer are in for a treat. Before the influx of summer vacationists in straw hats arrive, you will feel like you have the place to yourself. You won't have to elbow your way along the cobblestone streets or squeeze to watch the sunset. Plus, hotels and flights are much cheaper this time of the year. 


Seasonal Food 


As per reason no.2, both spring and Easter hide amazing surprises. Seasonal produce like fruit, vegetables and local seafood are at their best while Easter culinary tradition is exquisite. You know that Greeks take their holidays and their food seriously. Try tsourekia, melitinia, easter cookies and eggs, magiritsa soup and count the days till Easter Sunday when the real feast takes place! 


Unique tailored experiences by travel12 


Spring is an amazing time to be visiting Greece and especially Santorini, right before the hoards of tourists embark on the island. That leaves you plenty of space to enjoy the island exactly as you want. You can go hiking at the neighbouring volcanic islands, wine tasting, visit the Red Beach and enjoy a moment of awe all to yourself, overlooking the sunset at Oia village. 


Check out our amazing Easter in Santorini project. 

Otherwise, all you need to do is imagine your dream trip, then let us do all the planning.


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