Selected accommodation options in and around Nafplio

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Recommended in and around Nafplio


Nestled within 30 acres of olive trees, lies Opora Country Living, a farm-like cluster of cottages resembling a rustic village. Their country living style and ethos is not deprived of all modern - if not - luxurious amenities. Any way you slice it, Opora Country living is a relaxing piece of paradise for those longing to get in touch with nature while unwinding in earthy, yet stylish, sophisticated surroundings. 

The name speaks for itself. Dating back to 1841, this family owned house has been revamped into a traditional guesthouse just a few steps away from Syntagma square. What this renovation didn't change is the homey feeling, now enhanced by the owner's warm hospitality. Coupling traditional lifestyle in the very heart of the city with subtle luxury accommodation in those shabby chic surroundings will entice you. 

Wondering what Agrotospita stands for? It's the small cottages villagers used to build close to the fields to self-cater their daily needs. Hence, Agrotospita are in perfect line with the rural life synced with excellent service levels and the comfortable accommodation modern amenities enable. Ideal for those who want to press pause, reverse time and experience life in the countryside. 

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Recommended in and around Corinthia


House Venikos is located at Nemea Town and surrounded by an amazing garden, perfect for some close-to-nature relaxation. The lower floor boasts a degustation room with an exhibition of all the P.D.O Nemea wines and other fine, P.D.O varieties from all over Peloponnese. It's a very indulgent stay, indeed!

En Arhi nestles at Trikala Korinthias  and consists of two stone-built, semi-detached houses surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of verdant slopes. It is a small paradise, that reminds you of the joys of simplicity and tranquility. Houses were revamped with a modern, dainty touch, always based on traditional techniques and with respect towards the local architectural style.

At Daphne's Club Hotel Apartments, you have the chance to enjoy all the comforts Corinthian accommodation and hospitality has to offer. You can truly relax and enjoy your holidays with your family in the cozy surroundings and stylish spaces. Daphne's Club is Greece’s first eco-labeled family hotel!

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