There is nothing like the untainted beauty of Nature and the vaguely fragrant air for a natural rush of energy. 

With diversified protected areas and nature reserves aplenty, Greece brims with biodiversity. Few countries can claim such tapestry when it comes to natural beauty. And Greece definitely makes it to that list. Who knew Greece is much more than sea, sun and sand? An by more we mean drop-dead gorgeous lakes and wetlands, craggy mountains, lush valleys, gorges, caves even streaming volcanoes.

Fauna aficionados and especially bird-watchers will fall for the wetlands.  Lakes are homes of Dalmatian pelicans, herons, flamingos and cormorants amidst others. Water buffaloes, once facing extinction now nest peacefully near the shores. Their milk is bliss for the locals. If the winged animal kingdom does not interest you particularly, Greece has brown bears, beavers, seals and caretta-caretta turtles are born each year in Zante. 

As for the plant life enthusiasts Greece is filled with greenery, flowers and herbs, some rare some not so but  all with aesthetic value. Don't go far, olive trees here are literally ancient and they are a marvel by themselves. When it comes to herbs, Cretans know all the secrets. Island legends say they used to brew 40 different herbs to make sarantavotano that was considered a health remedy. And if you don't want to drink it dandelions and Cretan stamnagathi spring out everywhere, making an excellent meze case. 

May we interest you in some caves? The selection of caves the country entails goes great lengths. Ionian islands are filled with them. They all come in different sizes and various formations. Crete has the deepest. No surprise for such a diverse island. 

Turns out, the Greeks believed in nymphs for a reason after all. 

Or is it Valleys you are looking for? Exquisite greenery and home for beautiful creatures like otters and roes coupled with clusters of upland villages, bridges and beautiful folkway in honey-like brown hues. Gorges and rivers will also unfold before your eyes both perfect jumping off points for outdoors activities. 

Hikers, cyclists, trekkers, rock-climbers, bird-watchers, horse-back riders, naturists - well, come!

As for that lazy ones or those of age,remember you don't have to get your heart beat up to enjoy nature.

Great drives along cypress-lined roads and pine forests overlooking the sparkling sea are a perfect way to indulge into the shattering scenery cum rested feet. 


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