Once relaxed and recharged, head to Acronafplia, the peninsula-like oldest part of the city offering stunning views to the water castle of Bourtzi, build to protect the city from pirates. Gym-going will finally pay off once you start stair-climbing the winding street that leads from the city to Palamidi Fortress. 913 steps later you will be in awe with the panoramic view of the Argolic Gulf and the Nafplio city from above. Though clichéd, the view is still unmissable. Now the vino cognoscenti ought to know that Argolis is also home of Nemea, one of Greece's most 

Argolis, the land of Triple UNESCO World Heritage sites is a tourism honeypot for those adoring ancient ruins. There is a certain wonder in the ancient civilization of Mycenae, the massive walls of Tyrinth and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus with its pin dropping acoustics. Fascinated by myths from Homer to Hercules, thrilling civilizations once thriving and the very Theater where tragedy, comedy and satyr begun? Well, it's a no-brainer.

acclaimed wine terroirs. Winery hop around the region, learn about the land and its produce, the history and procedures followed and reward your learner self by sipping Agiorgitiko a.k.a Black Nemea or Mavroudi the Protected Designation of Origin variety. And even if tannin is not exactly in your everyday vocabulary, the wine roads of Nemea are still a must. 


If you are game and feel like trying your skills, Nafplio offers an amazing backdrop for panoramic hikes or biking with a view. Except your thing is saltwater, then head for the kayaks. 

And then, there is the capital, Nafplio. A tranquil port of cinematic quality and a veritable paradise for the wanderers. Idly exploring the cobblestone streets of the city you will dip and duck under bougainvillea archways and come across little squares for epic unwinding. Let your eyes wander, there's a colorful doors galore and typical windowsills adorned with red and hot pink geraniums in terracotta pots literally everywhere.

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