Nafplio, Peloponnese

Just a breath away from Athens lies Nafplion with its colorful two storey-houses and the hand-shaped old door knockers.

Tucked between fertile wine terrains and lands steeped in ancient history, it feels like there is a reason why Greeks picked Nafplio to be their first capital. It's totally timeless.

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Argolis, the land of Triple UNESCO World Heritage sites is a tourism honeypot for those adoring ancient ruins. There is a certain wonder in the ancient civilization of Mycenae, the massive walls of Tyrinth and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus with its pin dropping acoustics. ​

And then, there is the capital, Nafplio. A tranquil port of cinematic quality and a veritable paradise for the wanderers. 

Let your eyes wander! 

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Historical town center?

Your own house in a farm?

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Let's set out for an adventure and make the most out of this amazing land!

Grab your helmets, hold your paddles tight or just get ready to whip hard some olive trees and see the magic of the olive harvest before your eyes!

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On a scale from "amazing"to "wow" how would you rate the Nafplio region? We have an obvious tilt towards the latter, knowing the fascinating history, the grandeur of its historical places, the civilization and truth is, we adore the theater of Epidaurus no matter how many times we visit.

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Peloponnese is a magnificent piece of land. World-class monuments, beautiful cities, amazing local wines and nature, all in one. There's nothing like pairing a nice cup of coffee with the colorful Nafplio vista. Treating yourself to a trip to Nafplio and actually enjoying the city along with its nearby regions, rather than just seeing it is easy. You just have to slice it the way you like it!

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