With a myriad of monuments outpouring ancient history, priceless artifacts and wondrous places, being in Greece is almost like a lifelike history lesson. So, history buffs prepare yourself for full itineraries. Truth is, to get an insight into the country’s rich, distant past and learn all about it will leave you in awe. The impressive remnants of the past ooze legends and myths from the times when gods ruled the country. The frescoed monasteries are a sight to behold.

Greece is big on marble with open-air ruins and temples nestled in unique settings, bathed in natural light. Nothing beats visiting archaeological finds within their context. You can almost breathe history filled with traces of the past. Athens rests in grandeur, with its grand marble facades overlooking the city for more than two thousand years, the ancient Agora and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus where you can admire the long past glory of the Ancient Greek civilization. At nigh, imposing Parthenon is all lit up for everyone to see. And whether its your first time or you just happen to live in the neighborhood, your heart will always skip a beat.

In the daylight, the ultra-sleek museum of the Acropolis is brimming with finds excavated in and around Athens in glass displays naturally shaded by daylight. The Benaki museum of Cycladic art with its astounding, minimalistic marble figurines is a sight to behold. See, the Cyclades are not just  a handful of islands famous for the Instagram-worthy villages and the azure Aegean waters. These rocks have a past surviving through millenniums. We bet this makes them even more fascinating. Splendid open-air archaeological sites are not only found in Athens. Open your map and drop pins in Mycenae with the Lions’ Gate still standing, constructed from large stones stacked upon one another, the majestic tombs and a distinctive civilization that flourished back in the day. Drop another nearby, in Epidaurus Theater. Take a seat and relish the flawless symmetry. Don't feel bad if you experiment with its unbelievably clear acoustics. We have all done that!  

Up-hill or down-hill, tucked into rocks, city or remotely located on islands, Greek churches and chapels are rubbing-your-eyes magnificent. Architecture cognoscenti or just beauty admirers, fall for their unusual charm.  Their frescoed interiors are pure art, surviving through years. Now if antiquity does not rank top in your to-do list there are loads of things to learn - inside out. It all comes down to preferences and we are here to make it personal.

Learning in Greece can be never-ending and if you allow us it could be endlessly fascinating.

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