Indulgence is somewhat like beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder. Some indulge by pampering themselves while others crave a food galore.

Some simply need to be on switch-off mode giving themselves some relaxing "me time" while others need their adrenaline fix.

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When it comes to travelling, one thing is sure. We all have our ticking boxes named after our desires. Fulfillment, a smile and probably too many pictures on your camera roll is what happens once those are ticked. Wait that's our job!

Don't we all enjoy walking around a city consuming the beauty or roaming the maze of narrow, cobblestone streets draped in bougainvillea? What if this walk was complemented with a small square or plateia as Greeks call them, to unwind after and get your blood sugar up with a local treat? Much better!

€ 140 per adult - ideal for long weekend

Prepare to leave your everyday modern life behind! Grab your basket and let's go have a picnic with organic bio ingreadients. The local food and wine and the natural scenery will entice you. You'll become a Corinthia regular!

€ 305 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Gastro-traveling in Athens at its finest! From outskirt wineries to farm-to-table cooking with raw ingredients straight from the earth to the fine-dining side of the city! You will start counting your blessings, not your calories! 

€ 125 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Lay on the romance in this sublime surroundings. The mountainous scenery is almost magical and the setting is perfect for some cocooning and pampering. Don't forget to take the "follow me to Zagori" snapshot with your special someone!

€ 132 per adult - ideal for long weekend

Mark my words, you'll feel too blessed to be stressed. And that is exactly what holidays are about. Right?

€ 207 per adult - ideal for long weekend

You want to see a city with passion and vigor, where travelers in-the-know flock, filled with good wine, great coffee, and world-class food? Bon voyage, you belong in Athens!

€ 157 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Avocado on everything, stellar sandy vistas when heading to the coastal parts and surrounding villages cute-as-a-button. And that's just a glimpse!

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