Indulgence is somewhat like beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder. Some indulge by pampering themselves while others crave a food galore. Some simply need to be on switch-off mode giving themselves some relaxing "me time" while others need their adrenaline fix. And when it comes to travelling, one thing is sure. We all have our ticking boxes named after our desires. Fulfillment, a smile and probably too many pictures on your camera roll is what happens once those are ticked. Wait that's our job!

We cherry-picked our destinations so as to get the most out of them no matter what. Don't we all enjoy walking around a city consuming the beauty or roaming the maze of narrow, cobblestone streets draped in bougainvillea? What if this walk was complemented with a small square or plateia as Greeks call them, to unwind after and get your blood sugar up with a local treat? Much better!

And just when you think it doesn't get better than mother-like cooking in tavernas, there comes the jasmine scented al fresco dining. And mouthwatering wines. Or something a wee stronger with a kick to it like tsipouro. Best part is you can get the techniques, the recipes, some local produce and unpack them back home. Your morning coffee could get much better when enjoyed in a recently purchased cup. Way better if the cup was hand-made 

by pottery artisans that have been using clay for centuries. Can you imagine cooking in tsikali, the clay made pot Greek use to slow cook their food? 


If you are not exactly interested in antiquities, think again. In Greece we don't just observe their beauty. We live and breathe it. Come summertime the festivals peak and theater plays or concerts are an unrepeatable experience when their venue is Epidaurus Theater or the Odeon of Herodus Atticus. Same applies to al fresco cinema going in open air cinemas, filled with flowers and basil pots and the illuminated Parthenon as a backdrop. 

Coming to get your share of Mother Nature? Trekking, cycling or just scenery appreciating - whatever gives you your earthy uplift can also be awe-inspiring. Could be the slice of nature chosen or the sunshine basking, the flowing rivers, the hill town charm or stunning views from atop a dramatic cliff.

Either ways it's pure indulgence!

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