Greekly constantly evolves an interactive platform of activities and collaborators in Greece, from which every month a different multithematic excursion project emerges. Each project lasts a day or longer and is always unique! They are fully convinced that Greece is a land to fall in love with all year long, with landscapes rich in ever-changing beauties and people ready to offer unique and authentic life experiences to their visitors. Using each area’s and each season’s beauties as its starting point, Greekly adds additional elements and different approaches to life from beloved collaborators whom it appreciates for their knowledge of their field, as well as for their balanced attitude to life.  Participants can choose between all-inclusive packages or à la carte activities, in order to create the program which best suits their needs and preferences. Greekly projects are baby, kids & pets welcome and eco-friendly. The design and support of Greekly’s excursions is often done in cooperation with other institutions or companies (such as municipalities, festivals, cultural associations, mountaineering clubs, schools and kindergartens, conservatoires, yoga/Pilates studios, hotels etc), either as an integrated project or as an additional activity in a pre-existing event.


About Greekly 

Greekly is a travel community of people, who in their lifelong quest for a smart and balanced way to spend their invaluable free time, appreciate the importance of outdoor activities and everything that involves motion, aerobic, training and dance, holistic approaches to their psychosomatic well being, art and quality food. 

1. Body-Mind Exercise:

a. activities: strolling, hiking, trekking, cycling, canyoning, rafting, sailing, caving, visiting archaeological sites, mushroom hunting, wine tasting, beer tasting, bird watching, landart, seminars or workshops with music, dance, circus, theatre, psychology, life coaching etc.

b. games: orienting, soccer in forest, traditional greek games, treasure hunt etc.

2. Body-Mind Healing: thermal baths, temazcal, yoga, pilates, feldenkrais, thai massage, shiatsu, biomatic anatomy, production of essential oils, natural cosmetics seminars (deodorant, soap) etc.

3. Gastronomic Events:  local or 'thematic' (greek, italian, japanese etc.) food in local places, with local or our own private chef

4. Art n’ Cultural Events: music, dance, theatre, outdoor cinema, storytelling, astronomy, land art etc.

Approaches which we love to combine

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