Are you on of those who like it rough and tree-fringed around the edges? Are you up for some heart-pounding activities followed by a stop for a breather of air - air that is cool and vaguely botanical? Or maybe one of those today's, weary travelers who seek to explore something different with a hint of overwhelm. Whatever that is, you might wanna fasten your seat belts, cause the adventure is back!


Given that Greece is a year-round nature's playground for ramblers, adventurists, active souls or those in the -let's try something new- mood, it's the perfect jumping off point for your outdoor activity cravings. No wifi and sometimes phone reception will make you feel blissfully cut off from the world. 

Most important part: You get to call the shots!

Give into your wilderness with a bushcraft experience, breathing in the fresh mountain air. Prepare yourself for top-drawer hiking along trails thick with cypresses and pine trees. Trek in densely wooded valleys of raw elemental appeal offering jaw-dropping views. Go off grid biking in steep, green slopes overlooking towering rocks and remote villages. Get up close and personal with nature, horse-riding along plateaus and sparkling lakes backed with clustered trees. Wishing for a close encounter with animals? Accessorize yourself with some goggles and binoculars and head for the wetlands, where birds fly free and animals run wild. 

If it's the H20 element you long for, opt for kayak, paddling across luscious rivers or the Mediterranean archipelago that hides sea caves and secret coves awaiting to be discovered. Then again, if autumn and spring when nature is at its leafy finest doesn't much appeal to you, winter in Greece makes and excellent choice for mountaineering

Throw away your travel book describing this hard-to-reach ancient monument, wear your comfortable shoes and at the end of the trail you'll feel like you have conquered history. 

All are a pure sensory overload served with a slice of Mother Nature. The real reward for your burning thigh muscles. Just remember you don't have to knee deep in it. There is the right activity for each and every one of you. It's up to your levels of stamina and thrill-seeking mood. 

Visiting some villages in mainland Greece can be an adventure of its own. Remotely located up in the slopes, cut out from the towns and blissfully unaware of life outside their microcosm you have to sweat a bit before you luxuriate on the views and that self attaboy-or girl- sense of fulfillment. 

Wanna know how authenticity tastes like? Then you have to get some dirt in your hands and go pick the raw materials. Olive harvesting could be laborious, but it is a ritual and holding those fruits in your hands entails a little bit of magic. 

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