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(suggested things to do by the travel12 experts) 

approx. 4 hrs

€60 per adult, €50 per child

Cooking is great, but it can get way better when you get to pick with your own hands the ingredients to be used straight from the orchards and the fields. Pure sensory overload! 

approx. 4 hrs

€55 per adult

The Manousakis Winery vineyards are located in the Lefka Ori mountain range and showcase the true terroir of Crete. This safari style adventure, coupled with a winery tour and tasting is definitely a don't-miss experience (in collaboration with Safari Adventures).

approx. 12 hrs

€55 per adult

Natural beauty and jaw-dropping views all in one. Samaria gorge is a wonder you really have to cross off your to-do list. Duration may sound long, but the actual trekking is about 5 hours.

approx. 2 hrs

€55 per adult, €40 per child

Kournas lake is the perfect backdrop for a horse-riding experience that get you closer to the Cretan nature while riding those beautiful, noble animals. 

approx. 6 hrs

€45 per adult, €25 per child

From the infamous Cretan cheese and Olive oil to goat and sheep bells making and kri-kri goats running wild, this tour will leave you amazed!

approx. 3 hrs

€25 per adult, €20 per child

Can you imagine a Cretan feast among tropical gardens and trees burdened with avocados? From citrus fields to the Mediterranean surroundings, this place brims with fertility and natural allure.

approx. 3 hrs

€22 per adult

Enjoy a wine tasting experience within a world renowned Cretan winery, then sit amidst the blooming flowers, for a light lunch full of Cretan delicacies!

approx. 12 hrs

€65 per adult

Famous for its pink-tinted sand and the many many articles listing Balos and Gramvoussa as two of the best beaches one could visit are two out of the many many reasons to pay a visit

approx. 6 hrs

€45 per adult

Tradition lovers this one's for you! Nothing beats Cretan dancing, probably except when combined with the lush greenery of Botanical Parks and Gardens of Crete. 

approx. 4 hrs

€15 per adult, €10 per child

The art of turning a simple trek into a whole lotta new experience. Surrounding villages around the Vamos area will have you walk away dazzled. Don't let the duration drive you away, actual walking is not more that 2 hours, the rest is pure Cretan hospitality! 

approx. 8 hrs

€55 per adult

You don't have to sweat it! Driving across those fascinating rocks definitely does the trick! Same beautiful views, expert knowledge cum rested feet. Jack pot! 

approx. 2 hrs

€20 per adult, €15 per child

Soak up the views, the architecture and the grandeur of the Old Town. There's beauty to be found in each and every corner along with fascinating history shaped through centuries. 

approx. 4 hrs

€55 per adult, €25 per child

Cretan hospitality and taste at their finest! Mrs. Koula will lead the way to a sense-awakening and fun class that will satisfy even the most refined palettes out there.

approx. 2 hrs

€55 per adult, €40 per child

Enter the world of Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete, learn all about Cretan traditional gastronomy that remains intact for ages and lose yourself to the blooming flora and the fauna found within.

approx. 2 hrs

€30 per adult

Art and Crete go together! Visit Verekynthos Art village and enjoy a pottery class that will allow you to learn the secrets of pottery making, have loads of fun plus make your very own hand-crafted souvenir! 

approx. 2 hrs

€50 per adult, €35 per child

Aptera is filled with traces of the past, the times when archers used to inhabit the city and create a very powerful city in Western Crete. Find out more or just indulge in the extraordinary views towards the Souda gulf. 

Vamos village tour

approx. 1.5 hrs

€10 per adult, €5 per child

The word tour here might me an overstatement. See it as a stroll with a local friend, one that knows all the secrets, the stories, the most beautiful corners and he is happy to share everything wi th you

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