Mythical Athens

If you think that the Acropolis and the Parthenon are what make Athens THE place for history buffs, you need to rethink!

Coupling those magnificent sites with the "history coming to life" side of the city is what makes it so unique you'll become a regular.

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approx. 3 hrs

€65 per adult (13+), €45 per child

When in Athens, nothing tops visiting the Acropolis. The imposing Parthenon has been overlooking the city for centuries, resting in grandeur. The ultra-sleek Acropolis museum is so wondrous you will almost feel you are time-traveling. Welcome to Athens!

approx. 2 hrs

€35 per child

A fun couple of hours filled with adventure, myths about gods and goddesses and giants, by professional practitioners that will definitely put a smile in your child's face.

approx. 2 hrs

€50 per adult (13+)

There's a reason why Eleusis was singled out to be Europe's Cultural Capital in 2021. Wanna find out more?

approx. 4 hrs

€100 per adult (13+) for 2 adults; €20 per additional person

With its mishmash of modern buildings, neoclassical ones and the iconic Athenian old two-storied houses with tiny geranium-bearing balconies, Athens has such interesting cityscape it would be a shame not to indulge in those views.

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for Learners

Majestic Chania

starting from [€ 210]

ideal for 5-6 days

in Athens

Athens gateway

starting from [€ 207]

ideal for 3-4 days

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