Essential Crete

Avocado on everything, stellar sandy vistas when heading to the coastal parts and surrounding villages cute-as-a-button. And that's just a glimpse!

key experience elements

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approx. 3 hrs

€25 per adult, €20 per child

Can you imagine a Cretan feast among tropical gardens and trees burdened with avocados? From citrus fields to the Mediterranean surroundings, this place brims with fertility and natural allure.

approx. 3 hrs

€22 per adult, €12 per child

Enjoy a wine tasting experience within a world renowned Cretan winery, then sit amidst the blooming flowers, for a light lunch full of Cretan delicacies!

approx. 12 hrs

€55 per person

Famous for its pink-tinted sand and the many many articles listing Balos and Gramvoussa as two of the best beaches one could visit are two out of the many many reasons to pay a visit

approx. 6 hrs

€45 per adult

Tradition lovers this one's for you! Nothing beats Cretan dancing, probably except when combined with the lush greenery of Botanical Parks and Gardens of Crete. 

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