Athens Gastronomy fare 

Gastro-traveling in Athens at its finest! From outskirt wineries to farm-to-table cooking with raw ingredients straight from the earth to the fine-dining side of the city! You will start counting your blessings, not your calories! 

key experience elements

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approx. 3,5 hrs

€50 per adult (13+)

From baklava to souvlaki and the idleness of Greek coffee to the all-pervasive aromas of the downtown food markets, this tour is definitely mouth-watering!

approx. 5 hrs

€85 per person

If you think that Athens hasn't any wineries, then you are up for a surprise and definitely a treat! Outskirts like Mesogeia hide exceptional wineries, vineyards and varieties such as Savatiano. This tour can be also customized to include regions outside Attica too. All you have to do is ask! 

approx. 8 hrs, available weekends only

€110 per person (min. 5 pax)

Let's leave the city life for a while, grab our basket and head to the woods with a mushroom professional and start hunting! Truffles, morels, chanterelles and many more species await to be discovered! It's an amazing mushroom world out there! 

approx. 1.5 - 2 hrs

€55 per adult (€35 without the wine pairing)

Vassilenas restaurant has been counting almost 100 years as an A-list eatery in Athens. The iconic restaurant has migrated from Piraeus downtown to Hilton district, that has now become the fine dining spot of the city. The full 5 course menu paired with the right wines is bursting with Greek flavor and techniques aplenty while the setting oozes urban elegance.  

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Essential Crete

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ideal for 3-4 days

in Athens

Athens 101

starting from [€ 375]

ideal for 4-5 days

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