Outdoors Nafplio adventures

Let's set out for an adventure and make the most out of this amazing land!

Grab your helmets, hold your paddles tight or just get ready to whip hard some olive trees and see the magic of the olive harvest before your eyes!

key experience elements

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approx. 2.5 hrs

€65 per adult, €45 per child

Ideal for those of you seeking some adventure in perfect sync with the stunning vista of the Argolic gulf. It's always better when seen on those two wheels!

approx. 4 hrs

€70 per adult, €60 per child

Have you ever wandered how the life of a shepherd is? Yes or no, being a shepherd for a day and creating your very own dairy products grands a wow-factor to this experience!

approx. 4 hrs

€75 per adult

Autumn and spring means mild temperatures and this kayak squad awaits you to join them for a ride on the Argolic gulf

approx. 2-3.5 hrs

€25 per adult, €15 per child

Enjoy your hiking on a relaxed pace, under the imposing stone-build Palamidi Castle. Chances are you will be left astonished with those views! 

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for Explorers

Hidden trails of Crete

starting from [€ 255]

ideal for 4-5 days

around Peloponnese

Adventurous Corinthia

starting from [€ 160]

ideal for 3-4 days

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