Adventurous Corinthia 

Do it like Hercules! Hike along the mythical Stymfalia lake that was the backdrop of one of the great achievements of this robust divine hero!

Allow yourself to get closer to the nature, cook with raw olives and fresh olive oil and make your own organic grape molasses with your bare hands. 

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approx. 4 hrs

€70 per adult (13+), €45 per child

If you are an olive lover, then this workshop is the one for you! Pick your olives and learn how to cure and preserve them, cook traditional Greek recipes with what else - olive oil of course! There is also the option of participation in the olive harvest (Available only in November and December)

approx. 3 hrs

€50 per adult (13+), €35 per child

Let's go hiking at the gorge of Flabouritsa, tucked between Big and Small Ziria, in Kullini mountain. The trail is perfect for first-timers and its filled with fir trees, going downhill towards the river and then uphill to eye wander the amazing views from above. 

approx. 3 hrs

€50 per adult (13+), €35 per child

Learn this ancient art of turning the grape must into an all-natural sweetener called petimezi. We'll cook together with petimezi an energy health-bomb, called moustalevria, a traditional grape must pie. You will need the energy for the archery lesson that will follow!

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for Explorers

Into the wild - Zagori edition

starting from [€ 170]

ideal for 5-6 days

around Peloponnese

Glorious Epidaurus 

starting from [€ 187]

ideal for 4-5 days

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