Hidden trails of Crete

Spend your days making the most out of them! Be a doer and a goer!

See for yourself what Samaria gorge is all about! Want avocado toast? Go pick one from the tree.

How about olive picks? Sometimes a little dirt under your hands makes a huge difference. There are many things to do in Crete on top of the typical Chania attractions. What are you waiting for? Visit Chania and find out!

key experience elements

(suggested things to do by the travel12 experts) 

approx. 4 hrs

€60 per adult, €50 per child

Cooking is great, but it can get way better when you get to pick with your own hands the ingredients to be used straight from the orchards and the fields. Pure sensory overload! 

approx. 4 hrs

€55 per adult; €47 per child

The Manousakis Winery vineyards are located in the Lefka Ori mountain range and showcase the true terroir of Crete. This safari style adventure, coupled with a winery tour and tasting is definitely a don't-miss experience (in collaboration with Safari Adventures).

approx. 12 hrs

€55 per person

Natural beauty and jaw-dropping views all in one. Samaria gorge is a wonder you really have to cross off your to-do list. Duration may sound long, but the actual trekking is about 5 hours.

approx. 2 hrs

€40 per person

Kournas lake is the perfect backdrop for a horse-riding experience that get you closer to the Cretan nature while riding those beautiful, noble animals. 

approx. 6 hrs

€45 per adult, €25 per child

From the infamous Cretan cheese and Olive oil to goat and sheep bells making and kri-kri goats running wild, this tour will leave you amazed!

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