Zagori for #mountainparadise

Quaint little villages scattered up in the mountains, alpine beauty and indigenous gastronomy all supplemented with sweeping greenery, lush natural beauty and unrefined hospitality. Welcome to #mountainparadise.

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approx. 3 hrs

€ 46 per person

Zagori is well known for its traditional network of footpaths, which were built to connect its 46 villages, until modern roads were build. The iconic stone bridges of Zagori are a sight to behold!

approx. 2 hrs

€42 per adult, €28 per child

Prepare yourself for fungus variety, real-deal names, wold-class cooking entirely based upon these little earthy gems and a mushroom dessert to wrap this up! 

approx. 2 hrs

available upon request

Nestled in Zitsa village, Domain Glinavos is an exceptional winery boasting refined and elegant wines from P.D.O varieties of great quality. Coupled with the warm hospitality and the exquisite winery, missing this opportunity is definitely a no-no! 

approx. 5 hrs

€100 per adult

Team up with Costas Zissis, a photographer who has been living and working in Zagori for more than 25 years and knows all the right spots to capture the grandeur and the captivating beauty of the region. Oh snap!

approx. 2 hrs

€35 per adult

Refined tastes that add a contemporary twist to the traditional Zagorian culinary tradition, warm hospitality, down-to-earth deco and an amazing wine selection. Welcome to Salvia Restaurant!

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for Discoverers 

Athens 101

starting from [€ 375]

ideal for 4-5 days

around Zagori 

Into the wild - Zagori edition

starting from [€ 170]

ideal for 5-6 days

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