Fascinated by postcard perfect scenery, eye wondering strolls, shady nooks to gather for sundowners and eateries with serious foodie credentials?

Slip into the idleness of Greek life while soaking up the vitamin D. And don't forget to take the iconic Greece photos

€ 192 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

It’s a tale that you will want to tell your friends again and again! A tale about sparkling lakes and ancient castles, horses and stylish dinners, tasteful wines and some creativity you might never knew you had! Your handmade weaver will be the proof! 

€ 375 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

The perfect fit for first-timers but equally alluring for those who have already seen a bit of Athens. It's the perfect mix 'n match of old and new, the right doze of antiquity, a touch of contemporary culture, a stylish spalsh of urbanity and entertainment with just a hint of overwhelm. Welcome to Athens!

€ 227 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

Quaint little villages scattered up in the mountains, alpine beauty and indigenous gastronomy all supplemented with sweeping greenery, lush nature and unrefined hospitality. Welcome to #mountainparadise.

€ 112 per adult - ideal for long weekend

Peloponnese is a magnificent piece of land. World-class monuments, beautiful cities, amazing local wines and nature, all in one. There's nothing like pairing a nice cup of coffee with the colorful Nafplio vista. Treating yourself to a trip to Nafplio and actually enjoying the city along with its nearby regions, rather than just seeing it is easy. You just have to slice it the way you like it!

€ 160 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

A foodie's heaven that's teeming with southern charm. The city is as pretty as a picture. The outskirts to be visited even prettier. Think: cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses and draping flowers. Chania, here you come!

€ 146 per adult - ideal for long weekend

City lovers may I have your attention please? Meet Athens, a city that has been here since time immemorial and came to be the "it" city break for those in-the-know. There are so many different things to do in Athens you'll be amazed of how fun a city travel can be.Don't you wanna be one οf those who discovered this first? Visit Athens! Comes with extra bragging points!

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The warm, sunny weather beckons to globe-trotters and visitors from the cool north all year round. When you are looking for an unhurried good time wearing your "no worries" attitude with your calves frolicking in shimmering, aquamarine waters, then Greece it is.

Wherever you are, don't forget to soak up the atmosphere and that immense feeling between heaven and earth. Romantics, solos or large groups, all snooze for some laid-back unwinding and a little sun-kiss. Kick back, trot around or lay on sugary sands filled with driftwood and parasol pines or rows of sunbeds. Stop and look around.

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