To promote and develop the athletic, recreational, cultural, educational, religious tourism in Greece. To promote the athletic ideals, to develop the sports of cycling and running, to designate the bicycle as an alternative ecological means of transportation and reinforce mass sports with the participation of all ages.

  Through these outdoor activities and tours, races and recreational and athletic events, sports culture, ecological sensibility, volunteerism, knowledge of the local geography, the rich mythology and history of each place, the local traditions, the culture and the religious elements of our country and the religious elements of our country and local cuisine are promoted.

Cycling Hellas

Vision of Cycling Hellas

Τhe aim is to develop the athletic, recreational and cultural tourism in our country. In parallel to develop mass sports and cycling in one hand,  and on the other to touristically develop the areas implicated and designate the cultural,  historical  elements and local products.

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