Cycling events - Tour of Daphne

BASIC OPTION: 3 day experience (18-20 MAY 2018)

Experience the mythical event "Tour of Daphne", with this unique 3-day experience offered in collaboration with Cycling Hellas, including: 


- 4stars accommodation in Pieria seaside (18 May) & in the mythical Delphi region (19-20 May)
Greek style meals for all days, especially also a vegetarian menu

- all transfers 

- unique guided visit to archaeological areas of Delphi 
- entry to the "Tour of Daphne", following the mythical route of god Apollo
- commemorating souvenirs with the event details

- awards ceremony, night celebration with Greek music

Only €650 per adult


This multisport experience gives the chance to revive the myth of Apollo and Daphne by participating to the innovating cycling event “Tour of Daphne” Cyclosportive - Mythical event 230 kilometers that connects history, mythology, culture and sports. This 3-day experience also joins 7-day experience.

The “Tour of Daphne” is addressed to the enthusiasts of long distance cycling, with road bicycles and fans of the history of the country. It will start from the Valley of Tempi of Larissa and will finish at the Oracle of Delphi carrying a myth and a history. The myth refers to the unfulfilled first love of the god Apollo with the beautiful nymph Daphne, as it was the revenge of young Eros to Apollo.


Take part in mythical “Tour of Daphne”

Revival of the myth of Apollo and Daphne on the same footsteps of the god Apollo

Girls dressed as priestesses strewing the cyclists with laurels

Passing by many towns and historic villages projecting each place’s history

Laurel wreaths are deposited at the Oracle of Delphi

Guided tour at the Oracle of Delphi

Cyclists attend to the popular running race as a small revival of the Pythian Games

Award ceremony to the cyclists with music night and traditional food


EXTENDED OPTION: 7 day experience (14-20 MAY 2018)


Experience a multisport expedition, with this unique 7-day experience offered in collaboration with Cycling Hellas, including (in addition to the basic option): 

- 4stars accommodation in Pieria seaside (14-17 May) 
- extra Greek style meals for all days

- trailer for the bike's transfer
- the tickets for museums and the guided tours
all the activities (cycling, hiking, climbing, yoga, kayak, canyoning, museum, short cycling excursions, swimming) 

- most well known tourist destinations in Greece, Olympus-Meteora-Delphi!

€2.370 per adult


(in addition to the basic option)

Cycling tour or climbing excursion in the most well-known mountain of Greece, Olympus

Transfer with bicycles or by bus to the archaeological area of Dion

Multisport excursion starts to the beautiful nature of northern Olympus (Trekking, yoga, Canyoning, swimming) on the Orlia gorge

Multisport excursion (trekking - climbing), guided tour at Meteora, at the Natural History Museum of Meteora & Mushroom Museum

Valley of Tempi for a multisport excursion (guided tour at the Pineios river, hiking, kayak)

Guided tour in the historic villages of Ampelakia, Agia Paraskevi



The 7-day experience is also joined by 3-day experience.

Mythical Olympus the residence of Gods, imposing Meteora a Sacred place, Delphi the Navel of the world! Masterpieces of nature, ancient mythology and history!

This 7-day experience gives you the opportunity to travel around in the most well known tourist destinations in Greece, in the most powerful brand names worldwide! Olympus-Meteora-Delphi!

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