- To promote knowledge of the region Corinthia as a nothing less than ideal all year round leisure travel destination.

- To promote Corinthia as a perfect destination for cycling at various levels and of various disciplines.

- To contribute to the welfare of the inhabitants of Corinthia.

- To make visitors of the region aware of the joy of (Corinthian) nature and of all it treasures it has to give and share.

- And, to contribute to a better lifestyle for all.

Cycling Corinthia

Approaches which we love to combine

“Cycling Corinthia” is a grassroots project that aims to put the Greek region of Corinthia, in  the north-east of Peloponnese, on the world cyclist map. It is born from the creative meeting of cyclists keen to discover new terrain for their cycling tours, and hoteliers eager to host groups with an interest in truly authentic experiences, and sharing the immense richness Corinthia has to offer in terms of culture, cuisine, history and outdoor. 

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