Corfu, the sickle shaped island in the northern part of the Ionian Sea will lure those up for a walking holiday. 

The distinctive earthy colored facades with the roof-tiled old quarters and the lines of freshly washed clothes criss-crossing the balconies, take strolling on another level. 

An UNESCO World Heritage Site itself, the Old Town lives up to its reputation oozing a mix of Ionian and Venetian sophistication. Losing oneself in the winding cobblestone streets -called kantounia for those who like to keep it authentic- around Liston quarter and the Spianada square is a must. Plus you get to feel like you have just popped out of the Durells of Corfu while the cascades of bougainvillea swoop low.  

When you've basked in the feel of the Old Town, it's time for the stone-built Fortress. Call it Palio Frourio like the Greeks or Fortezza Vecchia like the Venetians, the view is the same and it's a knockout. Same applies for the Kanoni region. Spy with your little eye the Vlacherna monastery tied to the mainland with a ribbon of land and the post-card famous Pontikonisi island steeped in Homeric legends with its imposing Pantokrator monastery. Corfu boasts many basilica style churches and chapels with St. Spyridon, the island's patron saint as the most notable one. Set out to explore the island's palaces i.e Mon Repos and Achillion where the Greek and Bavarian royalty used to go on vacay. 

Done with the inhabited areas and in the mood for some verdant greenery? Corfu offers sun-kissed paths and hiking trails and horseback riding. The scenery is complemented with fascinating Natura 2000 endorsed wetlands brimming flora and fauna. Bird watchers flock to lake Korisson while mountaineers opt for Pantokrator mountain. 

Regardless of the level of stamina you've put into use while in Corfu, one thing is certain; The Corfiot cuisine will 

definitely make up for it. Either it is local delicacies like nouboulo or the infamous kumquat liquer that Corfiots take such pride in or savory dishes bursting with flavor and Venetian heritage, you are in for a treat. 

Savoro, Bianco, Bourdeto and Pastitsada are the holy quadruple of local Corfiot gastronomy and all jokes and calories aside, they taste amazing. For the real deal book a Corfiot cooking class coupled with a wine tour to really get a grasp on the local flavors.

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