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City lovers may I have your attention please? Meet Athens, a city that has been here since time immemorial and came to be the "it" city break for those in-the-know.

There are so many different things to do in Athens you'll be amazed of how fun a city travel can be.Don't you wanna be one οf those who discovered this first? Visit Athens! Comes with extra bragging points!

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approx. 4,5 hrs

€40 per adult (13+), €25 per child

A ride that starts and ends at the city center. In between, the beautiful views of the Saronic gulf, the Athenian Riviera with its tall palm trees lined up and the relaxed vibe of the south.

approx. 2 hrs

€40 per adult (13+)

Athens may look like a history lesson, but visiting only the Acropolis and leaving out lesser-known ancient sites will be a shame. The Ancient Agora and the Kerameikos monument are the perfect choices for you to leave your imagination run wild and picture how life was in Ancient Athens!

approx. 4 hrs

€100 per adult (13+) for 2 adults; €20 per additional person

Away from the well worn Athenian paths, this tour will leave you awed! The Street art in Athens in endlessly fascinating, found even in the most unexpected places around the city! Who's ready to see some graffiti?

Namaste Athens - evening session

approx. 1,5 hrs

€28 per adult

Not a morning work out person? How about finishing a great day with an even greater late yoga session to wrap up your day in Athens! You'll sleep like a baby later. A relaxed and revived one!

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