Chania, Crete

With Minoan, Venetian, Ottoman and Greek heritage all bound together, Chania make the perfect blend of splendor and small-town charm.

Loose yourself to the ebb and flow of this city, the twisty alleyways, the fountains and gaze over its grandeur from the Venetian Harbor. Come daylight, you active souls head for Samaria gorge. Come nightfall, its time for a tsikoudia-fueled Cretan feast.

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If you are up for laying on the romance then Chania will do the trick. A dainty city divided in Old and New, with lavish medieval architecture, elegant mansions, sculptured fountains and a wonderful Venetian port of postcard perfection.

Authentic Cretan villages are scattered around the region offering gastronomic plesures - the Creatan way. Herbs of all kinds make lots of appearances and local delicacies include rosemary flavored snails, gamopilafo cooked in staka butter, boureki from Chania, kalitsounia and ntakos. Dig in. Finger-licking guaranteed.

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€ 205 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

When you look for a hint of culture but you also seek the coziness and the sweetness of life that many cities don’t have, Chania and its nearby regions are right up your alley. Remember to hashtag the struggle is real when picking you mealtime scenery

€ 160 per adult - ideal for 5-6 days

A foodie's heaven that's teeming with southern charm. The city is as pretty as a picture. The outskirts to be visited even prettier. Think: cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses and draping flowers. Chania, here you come!

€ 147 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Avocado on everything, stellar sandy vistas when heading to the coastal parts and surrounding villages cute-as-a-button. And that's just a glimpse!

€ 255 per adult - ideal for 4-5 days

Spend your days making the most out of them! Be a doer and a goer!

See for yourself what Samaria gorge is all about! Want avocado toast? Go pick one from the tree. How about olive picks? Sometimes a little dirt under your hands makes a huge difference. There are many things to do in Crete on top of the typical Chania attractions. What are you waiting for? Visit Chania and find out!

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selected experiences crafted by travel12 experts

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