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Easter in santorini 

by travel12 and Greekly 

the experience

They say being different is not easy. 

But our Easter in Santorini experience was all about being different. We chose to forgo the summer season and focus in creating an out of the ordinary trip. We opted for spring and Easter time in particular, enabling our traveles to join us in an amazing celebration of the Greek calendar, oozing tradition and authenticity. Santorini needed no introductions, but introducing Santorini as a destination worthy of visiting during the Greek Orthodox Easter was definitely a first! 

When we say traveling experiences, we mean it!

the collaboration 

Nothing would have happened if we didn't have the chance to work with Greekly. Sharing the same passion for Greece, an out of the box way of thinking and an exceptional approach, Greekly and travel12 joined forces to make this experience a knockout! The end result was the perfect mix and match of Easter traditions, well-being but also in a fun-being manner, and all those iconic elements of Santorini that every traveler wants to tick off their bucket lists. All wrapped up in a floral package, as spring is sun-kissed and everything is all blossomed up. 

THE outcome 

The Easter in Santorini experience, succeeded in winning the Bronze Award on the Traveling experience category in the 2018 Tourism Awards. Competing against established brands in the Greek tourism industry, this experience still managed to stand out. It is that sense of uniqueness, our distinguishing standpoint and our joint efforts that resulted in such an achievement, even before its actualization! 

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