Call it autumn, fall, shoulder or post-peak season, one thing is certain; September and October are gem months in the Greek calendar. Smart travelers with an eye on the value swear by the autumnal months. Whether you are trying to prolong your tan or enjoy walking or action-packed holidays without the risk of sunburns, those chiller periods are just right for you. 


There is an utterly autumnal feeling, foliage is at its best and you can still sit below a brilliant Milky Way at night. Ideal for those travelling with toddlers, those who dream of strolling around and exploring cities on foot or those who want to bike and hike to burn those summer cocktails. 

Fall migration is one of the best seasons to spot many birds and gregarious species gathered in large groups making them easier to see.

Autumn here is also tsipouro making season. Cauldrons are on fire and a celebration is in order. Head to Volos, the tsipouro capital of Greece and even hangovered visit the close-by Mount Pelion. Its sweeping greenery of chestnut and walnut tree forests, its piquant seasonal apples combined with numerous stunning traditional villages will daze you. 

In Crete this celebration is called Kazanemata, tsipouro is called tsikoudia and it comes hand-in-hand with all kinds of Cretan meze. No further description needed. 


Swimming is not out of the menu despite cooler temperatures. Seas are still warm and the meltemia, i.e the northern summer winds have cooled down. The summer crowds have gone thinner, the locals are more relaxed after the peak, the living is still easy and the deals could be easier. 


So, who said dog days are over? 

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