If you are up for escaping the city vibe, then head south for a stylish splash. Piraeus port is much more than a frenetic gateway to the islands. Promenading or cycling  between the sea and the palm trees in Faliro is fully-refreshing. Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza rule with their breezy lifestyle. It has to be the sea. Head north, to Kifisia for quiet and voguish suburban lifestyle and boutique shopping. Nature devotees can always skip the city overdose and visit Parnitha mountain with its lavish greenery and fascinating creatures inhabiting under the trees.  

What we love about this city is its contradictions. The quirky and the sleek; The old and the new; The modern and the ancient; and the fact that they all meet here. From the stylish north, to the hip downtown and the laid-back south, Athens is a fascinating urban village. A pulsative energy co-exists with relaxed life that sometimes feels it hasn't changed for decades. Athens is unconventional and we relish everything about it!

Living up to its ancient reputation, Athens seems bemused at times. Marbled monuments crown the city. The omnipresent Parthenon has been overlooking us for ages, resting in perfect symmetry. Many many fingers point to its mind-boggling architectural beauty every day. And there is an ever-growing list of spectacular archaeological monuments and museums awaiting for a visit. 

We firmly believe that Athens was made for walking so you can savor the city in relative peace. Monastiraki, Syntagma, Plaka, Makrygianni hide pedestrian streets perfect for strolling and seeing everyday life unfolding before your eyes. Spot the typical neoclassical houses with the flowery decor, the shop galore in Ermou street, the tacky but fun souvenir shops, the old Athens grandeur and the Parliament cum soldiers with pom-pom shoes called tsarouchia and the obligatory deadpan expression. 

Using the sleek metro system is very convenient and there is art to be found in literally every station. What can we say, we travel in style even when it comes to public transportation. 

Ask any Athenian about his neighborhood and the only answer you'll get will be "It's the best". Well it's true, we love every single block and every borough. There is a new "it" neighborhood every now and then. Getting revamped and lined with an array of buzzing cafes and stylish restaurants gets them in the forefront while locals flock in the blink of an eye.  Socializing and leisure time is big here. Athenians are massive coffee drinkers and early drinks are no news here. It's part of our joie de vivre. 

There is beauty to be found everywhere. The city bursts with diverse little corners, stop-and-stare street art and peculiarities. For instance, Pittaki street in Psyri neighborhood, turned into a promenade with light art installations donated by locals. Turn your head up and you will see chandeliers, lamps even Chinese paper lanterns all bound together. Highly instagrammable material.

The ethnic and linguistic cocktail makes downtown Athens a beautiful melting pot. The culinary landscape is constantly emerging along with the bar scene. Cocktails rule but oenophiles also have their way around. Wine bars are popping in the city and they carry excellent lists. Vegans, healthy eaters, sushi aficionados, street-food enthusiasts, fine-dining, neo or all-time-classic taverna lovers can find their right joint. And the night is always young. 

There is a certain something about Athens that makes people fall in love with it. If you find what it is let us know. We've been searching it for years. 

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