Selected accommodation options in Athens

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Recommended hotels in Athens

New Hotel

Design and Contemporary Art at their finest! New Hotel will amaze you with its refined aesthetics, its cozy atmosphere and the museum-like interiors that manage to blend low-key Athenian style with luxury and all art everything. Staying at New Hotel is pretty much an experience of its own. Forward-thinking interiors by Campana brothers and that re-inventing attitude will grand you stay with a sense of uniqueness found nowhere, but here. 


Located in the exclusive and stylish Kolonaki district, Persicope Hotels has modern yet minimalistic interiors with hints of Contemporary Art infused in the space. It is a tribute to clean lines and uncluttered spaces that makes it an ideal choice for your urban stay. Less is more after all. 

The Margi

The Margi Hotel is the epitome of  laid-back luxury with a touch of escapism. Located in the Athenian Riviera, the Margi will captivate you with its elegant architectural aesthetics, the fascinating artwork and its Greek chic approach. It boasts a renowned restaurant with organic food that comes straight from the Margi Farm. A world-class accommodation case anyway you slice it!

Fresh Hotel

This downtown Athens Hotel is exactly what its name implies, Fresh and uplifting! An urban resort with unconventional atmosphere filled with vibrant colors and positivism. Opt for its pure and subtle luxury with an obvious minimal tilt. Air Lounge offers amazing city views coupled with the beauty of doing all things alfresco! 

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